How to Cancel Nfl Sunday Ticket

NFL Sunday Ticket offers football fans the opportunity to enjoy all out-of-market NFL games on Sundays. While it’s a fantastic service for avid football enthusiasts, situations may arise where you need to cancel your subscription. Whether you’re switching providers, cutting costs, or no longer following football as closely, this article will guide you through the process of canceling NFL Sunday Ticket with ease.

How to Cancel NFL Sunday Ticket

1. Understanding Your Subscription

To begin the cancellation process, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your current subscription. Determine whether you have a monthly or seasonal plan, and check for any contract terms or cancellation fees. Knowing these details will help you avoid surprises during the cancellation process.

2. Contacting Customer Support

To cancel your NFL Sunday Ticket, you should reach out to the customer support team. Contact information is typically available on the official NFL Sunday Ticket website or your account dashboard. You may find a phone number, email address, or live chat option to communicate with a representative.

3. Explaining Your Reason for Cancellation

When contacting customer support, be prepared to explain the reason for your cancellation. Whether it’s due to financial constraints, lack of interest, or switching to a different provider, providing a clear and concise explanation will help facilitate the process.

4. Avoiding Automatic Renewal

If you don’t wish to continue the subscription for the upcoming season, make sure to request the cancellation before the auto-renewal date. This ensures that your subscription doesn’t automatically renew for the next season, saving you from unnecessary charges.

5. Returning Equipment (if applicable)

If your NFL Sunday Ticket subscription included any equipment, such as a satellite dish or receiver, inquire about the return process. Some providers may require you to return the equipment, while others might offer a pickup service.

6. Confirming the Cancellation

After following the cancellation process with customer support, ask for confirmation that your subscription has been successfully canceled. Request a confirmation email or reference number for your records, as this will be helpful in case of any future discrepancies.

7. Disabling Auto-Payments (if applicable)

If you paid for your NFL Sunday Ticket through automatic payments, ensure that you disable the auto-payment feature after the cancellation. This step will prevent any unintentional charges in the future.

8. Checking for Refunds

If you cancel your subscription before the season begins or during a billing cycle, you may be eligible for a refund for the unused portion. Inquire with customer support about the refund policy and how to claim it if applicable.

Can I Cancel My NFL Sunday Ticket Subscription Mid-Season?

Absolutely! While it’s common for many fans to enjoy the entire NFL season, circumstances might arise that lead you to cancel your subscription mid-season. Just follow the steps mentioned above to initiate the cancellation process with the customer support team. Keep in mind that refunds for the unused portion of the subscription might not be possible if you cancel mid-season.

What Happens if I Want to Re-subscribe Later?

If you decide to re-subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket in the future, you can simply visit the official website or contact customer support to explore the available plans and packages. Keep in mind that offers and pricing may vary between seasons, so it’s advisable to check for any promotional deals when re-subscribing.

Is There a Penalty for Canceling NFL Sunday Ticket?

In most cases, there are no penalties for canceling NFL Sunday Ticket. However, if you signed up for a long-term contract or a discounted package with specific terms, there might be a cancellation fee. Be sure to review your contract details or reach out to customer support to understand the terms of cancellation.

What Are the Alternatives to NFL Sunday Ticket?

If you’ve canceled your NFL Sunday Ticket subscription but still want to enjoy football games, there are several alternatives available:

  1. Local Cable or Satellite Providers: Check with your local cable or satellite provider to see if they offer sports packages that include out-of-market games.
  2. Streaming Services: Many streaming platforms offer sports packages that allow you to watch live NFL games. Look into services like YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, or Sling TV.
  3. Team-Specific Apps: Some NFL teams have their apps that offer live streaming options for their games. Check if your favorite team has such an app.
  4. Sports Bars: Consider visiting sports bars in your area to watch NFL games with a lively crowd.


Canceling NFL Sunday Ticket doesn’t have to be a complicated process. By understanding your subscription, contacting customer support, and ensuring you meet any cancellation requirements, you can successfully cancel your subscription without any hassle. Remember to explore alternative ways to enjoy NFL games if you still want to keep up with the action. Enjoy your football-filled Sundays!