How to Cancel Pure Flix

If you are a user of Pure Flix, a popular streaming service specializing in family-friendly and faith-based content, you might be wondering how to cancel your subscription. Whether you’re looking to switch to another platform or simply take a break from streaming services, canceling Pure Flix is a straightforward process. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to cancel your Pure Flix subscription and provide answers to some frequently asked questions to ensure a smooth experience.

How to Cancel Pure Flix?

To cancel your Pure Flix subscription, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log In to Your Account: Visit the Pure Flix website and log in using your credentials. This will give you access to your account settings.
  2. Go to Account Settings: Once you are logged in, navigate to the account settings page. You can usually find this option by clicking on your profile picture or username.
  3. Subscription Details: In the account settings, locate the section that displays your subscription details. Here, you will see information about your current plan and billing cycle.
  4. Cancellation Option: Look for the cancellation option within the subscription details. It may be labeled as “Cancel Subscription” or something similar.
  5. Reason for Cancellation: Pure Flix might ask for a reason for your cancellation. Choose the appropriate option from the provided list or select “Other” if none of the reasons apply.
  6. Confirm Cancellation: After selecting the reason, you will usually be prompted to confirm your cancellation. Double-check the information and confirm the cancellation.
  7. Confirmation Email: Pure Flix will send you an email confirming the cancellation of your subscription. Keep this email for your records.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully cancel your Pure Flix subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions about Canceling Pure Flix

How long does it take for the cancellation to take effect?

Once you confirm the cancellation of your Pure Flix subscription, the process should take effect immediately. You will continue to have access to the service until the end of your billing cycle, after which your subscription will end.

Can I rejoin Pure Flix after canceling?

Yes, you can rejoin Pure Flix at any time. If you decide to return, simply log in to your account and resubscribe to a plan that suits your needs.

Will I receive a refund for the remaining days after canceling?

Pure Flix does not typically offer refunds for the remaining days in your billing cycle. The service will remain accessible until the end of the current billing period.

Can I cancel Pure Flix through the mobile app?

Yes, you can cancel your Pure Flix subscription through the mobile app as well. Follow the same steps as mentioned earlier by accessing your account settings within the app.

Is there a contract or commitment period for Pure Flix subscriptions?

Pure Flix subscriptions are billed on a monthly basis and do not typically require a long-term contract. You can cancel your subscription at any time without any penalties.

Are there any hidden fees for canceling Pure Flix?

No, there are no hidden fees associated with canceling Pure Flix. The process is straightforward, and you will not be charged any additional fees for canceling your subscription.


Canceling your Pure Flix subscription is a simple process that can be completed within minutes. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily unsubscribe from Pure Flix and explore other streaming options or take a break from streaming services altogether. Remember that Pure Flix offers a variety of family-friendly and faith-based content, so if you decide to rejoin in the future, the platform will be ready to welcome you back. Happy streaming!